During your initial visit, Dr. Armen will start by listening. First visits take 45 minutes to an hour, so he takes his time to understand and address your concerns. He will take a thorough activity, lifestyle, nutritional, pharmacological and medical history. He will focus on your specific problem area by taking you through a movement assessment to help identify asymmetries or dysfunctional movement patterns. Traditional orthopedic tests will follow in addition to a body read and palpatory exam to pinpoint areas of scar tissue/adhesion or joint restriction/ imbalance. Treatments usually include some if not all of the following therapies: moist heat, Active Release Technique and Graston Technique for scar tissue release, Chiropractic care to locate and mobilize joint restriction/dysfunction, Decompression therapy for spinal disc or joint pathology, and electrical stimulation or microcurrent to help combat inflammation or increase blood flow. He will then discuss his findings and treatment recommendations with you. Recommendations include which kind of treatments are necessary, how many treatments are needed, and the prognosis for a complete recovery. Yes, you will receive treatment during the first visit and hopefully leave knowing you are in good hands.

Usually after the first two to four visits, depending on the condition, Dr. Armen will recommend a detailed corrective exercise rehabilitation program. A typical treatment will focus on the affected area by using A.R.T. and G.T. to reduce and break up the scar tissue and Chiropractic adjustments to free up joint fixations so that the motion of BOTH the muscles/fascia and joints motion will be restored. Referrals to other healthcare providers, such as our two massage therapists or personal trainers, will be made to expedite your recovery. Custom email rehab exercises are also used to keep you connected and doing your homework so that you can get better faster, and stay better longer.

Due to the specific focus on soft tissues, where other treatments fail, A.R.T. and G.T. succeed. The combination of A.R.T., G.T., the Chiropractic adjustment and individualized rehab is unrivaled in the South County. Our patients get well quickly, completely, and with much less expense than other forms of treatment.



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