Our bodies are laden with asymmetries and dysfunctional movement patterns which may be related to adaptation to an injury, an accident, or even emotional stress. Our goal is to help identify these asymmetries and/or dysfunctions, correct them and keep an updated eye on them from time to time due to the dynamic nature of our bodies and minds. For example, is your complaint related to your posture at work? Is it possibly related to your running mechanics or shoes? Can it be related to how you sleep or even walk? Can your symptoms be related to an improper bike fit? How about emotional trauma, PTSD and even depression? Could it be that your thyroid dysfunction is related to your muscle pain? These possible causes matter and must be addressed and discussed. It is Dr. Armen and his professional staff’s goal to help you as much as our healing hands and brains are able. We are here for you in many ways and we always want you to know that and feel that when you are here. We put our patients first and we want that exhibited in every experience you have at our office.

As far as physical rehabilitation goes, we utilize many tools including a reformer and many other rehab devices that aid in maximizing your rehab program. We also use email video exercises to help keep patients stay connected and well.

If you have any questions about our services, please request an appointment today or call (408) 779-3565 to schedule.