What is TPI?

TPI stands for Titleist Performance Institute.

TPI was developed to collect data and research relating to enhancing golf mechanics and performance.

A TPI certified professional can assess a golfer’s movement and use the findings to predict and explain common swing characteristics. Medical professionals look at the physical cause of the dysfunctional movement patterns and find ways to improve them.

What is a TPI screen?

A TPI movement screen consists of 14 physical tests related to the golf swing. These screens test core control, independent upper and lower body movements, ability to maintain golf posture throughout a golf swing and the ability to keep the club face square.

After the screen is complete, a fitness handicap is given. This shows what areas could use improvement. Areas of pain are also considered and addressed in office. Additionally, corrective exercises and drills are given to help improve your fitness handicap, followed by consecutive screenings to assess progress.

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