Hip Pain

“My hip feels great! After you adjusted my SI joints, I took your advice and had my orthotic altered. Since that, I’ve noticed 2 great results: My single leg strength training doesn’t kill my hip anymore; I’m finally building strength/stability in my hips/core. And, today, for the 1st time in a year of yoga, I could perform all the single leg balance poses, no problem. I went for a 1 mile “test run” a few days ago and my hip feels good. Just a note of thanks to you!” S.B., Physical Therapist Assistant

Back Pain

“After cycling for years, I started to get some lower back pain that didn’t cease. Chiropractic, physical therapy, yoga – I tried all that I could and it just didnt improve enough. Only a few treatments on my hip flexors and low back and I felt an improvement I never had before. A.R.T. works! Thank you!” A.T.

“I had been in martial arts since I was a kid and had my share of low back injuries. As I got older, my back pain got worse. The Doc evaluated me and explained things to me like no other Doctor I had ever been to. He took the time and listened. We tried a few treatments, I got adjusted and he put me on a core strengthening and nutrition program. I feel fantastic and am stronger than ever!” R. L.

“I am an avid golfer. . . My low back gave out on me one day and Dr. Armen was the first Chiropractor to actually look at my swing and see which parts of my body weren’t moving properly. Dr. Armen took the time to explain how if one part of the body (in my case, my left hip) is tight with scar tissue that other parts can be negatively affected. He treated my shoulders, hips and low back, and has helped me improve my golf game tremendously.” S.M.

Children’s Conditions

“I was impressed by his knowledge of state-of-the-art techniques…his holistic view which incorporates nutrition, exercise, etc. . . .He is the first Chiropractor my 11 year-old soccer player daughter feels completely comfortable with. . .he shows a genuine interest in the well-being of his patients.” A.B.

Hamstring Injuries

“After months of training and preparing for the “Big Kahuna” triathlon, I pulled my left hamstring just twenty days before the event. Dr. Armen started treating me with ART and had me back up and running in one weeks time. Unfortunately during interval training I pulled my right hamstring just one week before the event. I went straight to his office as an emergency patient to start the ART process again. Thank you again Dr. Armen for dropping everything and seeing me that morning! Thanks to Dr. Armen and ART I was able to compete in the half-iron distance triathlon and finish with a five hour and sixteen minute completion time. I’m not sure which is greater at this point. Dr. Armen or ART. However, I do know his technique with ART and his knowledge in sports medicine is remarkable and unsurpassed. I’m an Active Release Technique and Dr. Armen patient for life! Thanks again Doc!” W.W. Triathlete

Leg Pain

When I came in to see Dr. Agacanyan my right thigh was so terrible that standing, or even walking was very agonizing. The muscle would become rock solid, burn, and tingle. I would have to stop and massage it for awhile only to have to repeat it 5 minutes later. I just stopped going to the grocery store, taking walks in the mall and window shopping, and taking a stroll through the Flea Market while enjoying a day in the sun. After just 2 treatments with the Doc, I was free of pain so that I could once more walk and take trips to the mall without concerns or worry of any pain to follow. Now I am back to walking pain free!” F.L.

“I’ve been in Team In Training since January 2007 for a walk/run training program for a full marathon. By May I started to have very painful lower legs. It affected my training; it slowed me down to a limp and I could barely walk a mile. I tried Epsom salt baths, resting, ice- nothing seemed to work. I took about a month off training and when I started up again- there was the pain. I had great concerns about finishing a full marathon and decided it was time to seek treatment. Just when I decided to look for help, I saw an ad from Go Run Sports (running store in Morgan Hill) for Dr. Armen. I started sending an email to Dr. Armen describing my situation and I eventually went in for a consult. Anytime I would do a training walk the pain would come back. It was very painful. I started treatment with Dr. Armen which included A.R.T., Graston technique, Frequency Specific Microcurrent and more. After 3 weeks of treatment of both legs, my right leg was much improved and then I managed to do a 10 mile walk/run . . .pain-free! Now I can hopefully complete my training and do my marathon as pain-free as possible.” D.R.H.

Knee Pain

“I decided to see Dr. Agacanyan after being told that he was not a conventional Chiropractor. After 3 knee injuries and an accidental fall, my left knee (as well as entire left leg, hip and lower back) was suffering from chronic pain. I did not feel ready for a total knee replacement and was hopeful that I could improve the function of my knee. Dr. Armen’s treatments have been very beneficial. His use of various types of therapies (Active Release Technique, Graston, as well as Frequency Specific Microcurrent) has provided meaningful and noticeable improvement. My knee pain has decreased, my range of motion has improved, and much of the “referred” pain I that I had been experiencing has subsided. I feel very comfortable working with Dr. Agacanyan and would enthusiastically recommend him to others.” J.K.

Neck Pain & Headaches

“Dr. Armen is one who cares . . . I can now turn my head easily and no longer have the pain and headaches” S. H.

“I injured my neck and was having pain in my shoulder and tingling in my fingers. The problem was not getting better with regular Chiropractic adjustments. The pain prevented me from doing the things I like doing such as biking and swimming. After Dr. Agacanyan performed the Active Release Technique to my shoulder and neck, I am now pain and tingle-free! I am very happy with the results and am back to doing the things I like to do.” S.C.A.

Other Conditions

“Dr. Armen, your approach and intake is thorough. You are an exceptional doctor with a true gift of healing!” S.S.

“Dr. Armen, I want to thank you again for the two Active Release Technique sessions prior to my Wildflower race. What a difference it made in my performance, especially evident since this has been a chcronic problem for me. The treatment you provided has far exceeded any other I have been receiving; you are a true artist in soft tissue therapy.” Most appreciatively, J. L., School Principal, Triathlete of 24 years, 2-time Hawaii Ironman Finshser

“I have seen many Chiropractors, including some in my own family; however, none are the caliber of Dr. Armen. He has incredible knowledge of Chiropractic, specifically ART, and the therapeutic value of his treatments is unequaled by any other Chiropractor or physical therapy I have ever received. He also truly cares about his patients and their well-being. My only complaint is that I live in San Diego and can’t afford to fly to San Jose to see Dr. Armen for treatments.” Wildflower triathlete

“Dr. Armen is brilliant. He is diligent with his diagnosis and is willing to find the cause of your injury as opposed to only treating the symptoms which is common with other chiropractors. Dr. Armen has used ART and other techniques to help me stay on the tennis court and push my body to the limit. Dr. Armen definitely has a talent for treating injuries. If you have a lingering injury, your back hurts, you’re having shoulder issues or knee pain, you must have him check it out. It will save you many visits to the physical therapy office. He is that good!” Shyam (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

“I have been treated by Dr. Armen for about 3 years off and on ever since I completed my first marathon. Having to take a few months off to recover from severe muscle and ligament pain throughout my legs and hip was a huge problem for my active lifestyle. After the marathon I never thought I would be the same again. Within a few visits I was able to notice results and after a few more was 100%. Recently though Dr. Armen and active release techniques had an even bigger impact when I woke up with shoulder pain and neck. Ignoring this at first as a simple “crick” in my neck, I was soon experiencing significant shoulder, arm, wrist and hand pain. If fact two fingers on my left hand were constantly numb. Realizing this was no simple “crick” I made an appointment with Dr. Armen. With one session Dr. Armen was able to restore complete sensation in my fingers and completely remove the shooting pain down my neck and arm.” J.O.

“Dr. Armen’s approach is refreshing in that he takes the time to explain conditions well and appears to have very good recall on the patient’s history. One important and welcoming aspect is ensuring I’m relaxed & receptive to the treatment. I sense sincerity & patience; follow up appointments are not stressed. Sometimes he suggests that I set up the time frame for the next visit! There’s also been a fine improvement in the office decor, ambiance, and his support service, headed by Jennifer, is welcoming.” R.M.

“I have been extremely impressed with the care Dr. Agacanyan provides. When I first called I was seen right away. The gentle concern over my issue and the dedication to determine what exactly was wrong and how to fix it was not only impressive, but also loyalty-building on my behalf. Dr. Agacanyan is knowledgeable and kind. Our family had never had Chiropractic care before; now we are true believers. Thank you for everything!”� The S. Family

“Armen is both a valued partner in my wellbeing; he is also a personal friend of over 10 years. In the office, Armen provides highly knowledgeable advice specific to my needs. I consistently receive exceptional and professional service from Armen and I have the utmost confidence that he extends to all of his clients the same quality of service and care for wellbeing that I receive.”� R.C., Technology Professional

“Dr. Armen provides several services that work together for maximum benefits. I’ve used him for some soft-tissue pain and inflammation and experienced Active Release Technique, Grasten Technique, Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapy and more. Without multiple approaches to solving my problems I wouldn’t have had such great results. He is very thorough and is always concerned about my progress.”� D.R.H. Runner, Team in Training


Plantar Fasciitis

“I arrived in Hawaii resigned to the fact that my injured feet (plantar fasciitis) would keep me from completing the Ironman Triathlon World Championships. After I explained that to Dr. Armen, he said “Well, let’s see what we can do about that.” I met with him for 4 treatments the week prior to the race and his excellent therapy as well as his kind and encouraging words gave me the confidence to start and complete the race that many only dream of competing in. Thanks Doc, for helping to get me thru a magical day!” -L.P., Ironman Triathlete; Garmisch, Germany


“Armen Agacanyan, Doctor of Chiropractic medicine, has been an incredible addition to the local health referral network. His work with my patients has been empathetic, therapeutic, and incredibly innovative, giving each client personal attention and long lasting results. As a local physician, he is a true asset as a caregiver to my patients.” -Dr. L.S., M.D., Internist

Rotator Cuff Pain

“Years of numbness in my fingers disappeared after one treatment on my rotator cuff. It wasn’t my neck after all and Dr. Armen was the first to diagnose it correctly. Thanks Doc.!” F.L.


“I developed sciatica in my left hip. It made my hip and leg hurt so much that I had to walk with a cane and could not drive my small manual transmission truck. After Dr. Agacanyan adjusted my problem, he taught me exercises I could do to strengthen my back and hip. Since I live 5000 miles away on an island in the Caribbean, being able to do these exercises has been invaluable. Thank you so much for your excellent professional treatment and support.” F.L.

Shoulder Pain

“I came to Dr. Armen because I was having intermittent pain in my right shoulder plus the range of motion was limited in comparison to my left arm. I would get a sharp pain in my shoulder for what seemed like random reasons. I couldn’t isolate exactly what I was doing to cause the pain. This caused me to try to restrict the use of my arm. I finally decided this was starting to impact too many activities, some as simple as pulling weeds in the garden. After 4 sessions, I have not experienced any further pain in my shoulder. In addition, I realized after the fact that I had been modifying my use of my arm all the time. Things like pushing the car door open to get out were no longer something to think about. I didn’t need to be careful when doing this. The range of motion also improved by a measured 8 inches and is now close to the same as my left arm. I have exercises Dr. Armen gave me to improve this further. I enjoy rock climbing and it is obvious that the strength in this arm has greatly improved. I really appreciate that Dr. Armen stopped treatment as soon as he felt he had completed all he needed to do, versus continuing to try to increase the range of motion another couple of inches. He and his staff are all very nice and care that the treatment is successful. It is great to be pain free!” C.P.

“As a triathlete, it is vitally important to have regular body work done to achieve the best performance. Just before competing in the world renowned Wildflower Triathlon last weekend, I was concerned about a shoulder issue that had been bothering me for a few weeks. Fortunately, I saw Dr. Armen at the event and he offered to help me get relief from the pain. He worked on my shoulder the day before and the morning of the triathlon. I was very impressed with his method and even more impressed with the flexibility and absence of pain I experienced following the treatment. I had a terrific swim and felt awesome. Thank you for that wonderful gift, Dr. Armen. And please move to the Central Coast so I can have regular treatments from you.” J.B. Master’s Triathlete, San Luis Obispo

“While training for the 2007 World Bench Press Competition, I developed severe pain in my left shoulder. Since it was only three weeks before the competition, I considered dropping out of the meet. Fortunately, I talked with two other lifters who had experienced the same problem and they recommended Active Spinal & Sports Care. From the first visit, Dr. Armen relieved the stress in my shoulder and reduced the pain significantly. Dr. Armen’s treatment allowed me to continue training with minimal pain and to win the 2007 World Bench Press competition in the master men 54-60. My thanks to Dr. Armen and Active Spinal & Sports Care.” L.O., Bench Press Champion.

“I was having pain in my shoulders. Restriction of shoulder movement prevented me from doing Yoga, exercising my shoulders and swimming. The condition was getting worse and…After treatment… I achieved 85% of the full range of motion in my shoulder and relief from most of the pain. I am very pleased with the results. I can now exercise without pain!” C.S.

“I injured my shoulder in the gym while lifting weights. I could not raise my left arm over my head without a sharp pain in my shoulder region.. The doc performed various Active Release procedures. . . I can now raise my arm over my head with absolutely NO pain and I am back in the gym.” B.M.

“I’d always struggled with poor posture. I had expected to spend years getting treatments to improve. After my first A.R.T. treatment with Dr. Armen it felt like a suit of armor fell off my shoulders and back. I was able to stand straight and it was easy and natural. Thanks!” M.R.

Tennis Elbow

“After 2 cortisone shots on my right shoulder and elbow and multiple treatments (physical therapy, acupuncture), my tennis elbow and shoulder pains were still persistent especially @ night time. I had given up hope of being ‘pain free’ until I attended a seminar by Dr. Armen Agacanyan @ Cupertino Sports Center regarding tennis elbow. He described the cause and why many treatments never rid the problem completely. He described the A.R.T. (Active Release Technique) of healing these pains. I gave it a try a week later. Dr. Agacanyan was extremely thorough in his original examination. He explained my problem and his recommended treatment. His approach is quite different. Besides the standard joint manipulation, he works deeply into the muscle to remove scar tissue. I continued to play a minimum of 2 hours every day (he may not recommend that to everyone) during my treatment but my pains became less and less during the 6 weeks of treatment. I no longer wake up at night in pain. I continue to play tennis (with NO neoprene wraps or elbow straps) every morning. Occasionally, I still take Advil/Aleve after a long, hard singles match – but that dull pain that haunted me for the past 3 years has never returned.” A.L.S.

“I play a lot of tennis. Years of tennis shoulder strain and elbow tendonitis have been my nemesis. Dr. Armen’s A.R.T. and related treatments immediately improved both conditions and ultimately eliminated them as performance inhibitors.” R.C.

“I have been a tennis player and runner for almost 20 years. After many medical doctors told me to stop playing tennis and stop running, I almost gave up. It got depressing. My knees just felt old and in pain almost constantly. Dr. Armen has helped me get back on the courts for at least 3 days a week and running at least 2 days a week. . .all with no pain! There are options and A.R.T. was the one that worked for me.” E.E.

“You have given me my tennis game back! This is a very strong “thank you” and recommendation regarding your Active Release Therapy (ART). I had sharp pains in my arm from “tennis elbow”, which had lasted for four or five weeks. I couldn’t play tennis because of the twinges of pain. Six sessions of your ART therapy cured the problem, and gave me my tennis game back. I am profoundly grateful for your help.” A.B.

Professional Testimonials on A.R.T.

“Making action films has really been tough on my body. Thanks to ART, I’m able to perform! After treatment, I feellll great… ready for the next challenging role.” -Danny Glover, Professional Actor

“My injury left me with no chance of ever playing hockey again. Now, after being treated with ART and a proper rehabilitation program, I have completely regained my career in hockey.” -Gary Roberts, NHL Forward

“Professional football is a tough sport. I prepare for each game using ART. The benefit to me? Just ask the guys I play against.” -Bill Romanowski, NFL Linebacker

“All the doctors said I needed surgery for impingement syndrome in both shoulders. After one treatment, I rebooked all my competitions and trained to be in the best shape of my life.” -Milos Sarcev, 1989 Mr. Universe

“I suffer from plantar fasciitis. I began using ART in 1998 and found something that actually helped. It works quickly and effectively.” -Marla Runyan, 5000M Champion

“ART is nothing short of amazing. I don’t think there’s an athlete anywhere who couldn’t benefit from it.” -Muscle Media 2000, 1998

“…compared with similar studies in the literature (ART) was superior.” -Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 1999

“ART seems fast, safe, and remarkably effective for injuries to muscles and connective tissues.” -Men’s Heath 1999

“The NFL, NHL, and MLB have begun contracting ART practitioners to keep players healthy.” -Runner’s World 2004

DISCLAIMER: These are professional testimonials on Active Release Technique only. These testimonials were found on and various other sources.