Chiropractic Testimonials

"Armen and his staff are amazing! I have been seeing Dr. Armen for several years now and he is always able to straighten me out. So much appreciation for him and his staff."

- Jana P.

"I'm so glad I found Dr. Armen. And excellent practice; everyone is so welcoming."

- Kathy D.

"I received excellent and efficient care from Dr. Armen.

He is very knowledgeable and has a warm and caring demeanor. His expertise helped me with the first treatment. The staff is friendly, professional, accommodating and helpful— not only while I was in the office but on phone when asking questions and making the appointment. I plan to continue there as a patient."

- Marilynn D.

"Dr. Arman is fabulous and very talented chiropractic doctor. I was referred by a friend and had been looking for a local dr. I trust my friend's opinion and am SO glad I finally called and got an appointment. I had been suffering with increased pain and discomfort in my right hip, which I thought was coming from my back. The pain had become quite intense. Everything was painful, walking sitting, driving with only limited relief at times. On my initial visit he listened, checked me and immediately began working on my "frozen" hip. He gave me a very honest assessment of what I could expect and not some long drawn-out regimen that would keep me coming back for an endless amount of time. I left that first visit feeling more freedom in my hip than I had in quite some time. I was amazed and very grateful at the amount of relief I receive from one visit. He is gifted in his chosen field and I am delighted he is right here in Morgan Hill. I truly feel as if I have a health advocate and not "just a doctor". While I certainly won't ever be 30 again, I have continued to improve and now know I have a trusted source for my continued wellness. With much gratitude, Kate"

- Kathleen G.

"Dr. Armen is an excellent chiropractic physician. I initially went to him due to a long-standing problems with my hands. I had visited 6 different medical doctors, including 3 hand specialists with the objective of figuring out why I experienced severe pain, tinging, and burning sensations in my hands. Not one of those medical doctors (who ordered x-rays, EMGs, MRIs, etc...) could come up with a diagnosis. After one session with Dr. Armen, he figured out my diagnosis and within 6 sessions of seeing him, I am essentially symptom free.

Not only is Dr. Armen an amazing diagnostician, he is also very personable, pays close attention to detail, never rushes appointments, and also takes an interest in your overall health. Dr. Armen practices patient-centered care by insisting his patients be collaborators in their health plan by sharing their perceptions and feelings regarding the nature of their problems and goals of treatment. His office staff are also very friendly and welcoming."

- CL L.


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